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During our FREE onsite surveys JLG carry out a Security Risk Assessment and a Health and Safety Risk Assessment as part of our Quality procedures. We can take over existing systems.

The latest JLG intruder systems connected to the Central Stations are confirmed systems giving the exact location of the intruder within the premises. The Central Station receives the signals from our system including confirmed, open/close, intruder, fire and panic attack and all false alarms are filtered out through their procedure or to your instructions.

Our technicians are available to reset the system after an activation via the Central Station. Our dedicated and motivated skilled operators and engineers are on standby 24 hours a day ready to react to any problem.

We not only undertake security screening to conform with EN/British Standards and Police procedures, of all our staff but also ensure that all our technically trained and professional employees attend training courses on the latest products.

All systems are class graded to conform to latest EN and BS regulations.

JLG is an approved installer of RedCare and Dual-Com signalling systems.

Intruder systems can self test every seven days and alert Central Station of any faults. Modem diagnostics, uploading and downloading information are a standard function of our equipment. All installations utilize tried and proven quality products to assure you of the best equipment currently available in the marketplace. Our confirmed intruder alarm systems assure you of a direct response from the police.

Approved installers of Pyronix, HKC Honeywell Intruder Systems including Galaxy wireless and Enforcer systems.

Fog Bandit

JLG is an approved installer of "Fog Bandit " the fastest security fogging system in the marketplace.

The Fog Bandit is a device that is installed in a room and when activated will fill the whole room in seconds, stopping the intruders in their tracks, leaving them disorientated because they cannot see.

The smoke leaves no residue, and smells of menthol. The smoke will also stay in the premises for up to an hour.

For a free demonstration please call 0500099980.

What you can not see you can not steal.

JLG offers free surveys and onsite advice, including training our customer in the operation of all our systems.

For more information about this service, please contact us on freephone 0500 099980 or email sales@jlgsecurity.co.uk

We can offer a 3 or 5 year purchase lease plan on all systems subject to credit check

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