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Q: Why use JLG?
A: We are not tied to a particular distributor and can source and install the correct system bespoke to you.
Q: What are JLG Strengths?
A: We come from a solid engineering background with a combined time of over 60 years in the Security Industry for our top management.
Q: What will it cost me?
A: Our first consultation is free of charge, no matter what the enquiry.
Q: What is an Audible only system?
A: This is a system where only local internal and external sounders are activated, this is alse called a class 1 system under EN50131
Q: What is a Digital Communicator System?
A: This is a single path transmission system for your Intruder Alarm to signal through to Central Station and to obtain Police response via your existing phone line. This is a Class 2 X System under EN50131
Q: What is a Redcare/GSM system?
A: This is a dual path transmission signalling system between your alarm system and the telephone exchange and then onto Central Station. This monitors the telephone line and notifies Central Station of any line failure. This is a Class 3 System under EN50131
Q: What is EN50131?
A: This is the European Standard for the installation of intruder alarm systems. JLG is also a memeber of the NSI NACOSS GOLD scheme for the Design, Installation and Maintenance of Electronic Security Systems.
Q: What is the NSI Certficate?
A: This is your guarantee that the system has been installed to the above European EN50131 standards and the National Security Inspectorate guidlines. This certficate along with the agreed class of the system will give you Insurance Company discount.
Q: What is BS EN ISO 9001:2000?
A: This is the Internationally agreed standard of quality management and control. This indicated that the JLG's processes and installations are audited and we collect data to continually self improve the business.

JLG offers free surveys and onsite advice, including training our customer in the operation of all our systems.

For more information about this service, please contact us on freephone 0500 099980 or email sales@jlgsecurity.co.uk

We can offer a 3 or 5 year purchase lease plan on all systems subject to credit check

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